Messi is absent in the 2019 Copa America squad

No other Argentinian player is present, while Alexis Sanchez, Luis Suarez and Dani Alves are all appreciated.

Goalkeeper Wuilker Farinez (Venezuela).

Farinez conceded the first goal in 262 minutes, when Leonel Justiniano scored for Bolivia in Venezuela's 3-1 victory. In the first two matches, the 21-year-old goalkeeper played stably and many outstanding saves helped Venezuela to keep 0-0 against Peru and Brazil. His performance seems to be attracting the attention of Barca. In the quarter-finals against Argentina, Farinez has another important opportunity when facing a direct captain of the Spanish team - Lionel Messi.

Right-back Dani Alves (Brazil).

Alves continues to surprise fans despite being 36 years old. Not only did he fulfill the defensive role, the Brazilian captain also contributed a lot of decisive balls on the right.

With his presence in Peru's 5-0 victory in the final game of the group stage, Alves rose to fifth in the list of the most competitive players for Brazil (113 matches - equal to Pele). He is also the second oldest player ever to play for the team, after defender Djalma Santos (age 39). Alves is the only player left in the 2007 Copa America squad.

Central defender Jose Gimenez (Uruguay).

Pairing with Diego Godin, Gimenez once again proved world-class. In the match against Japan, the 24-year-old midfielder helped Uruguay win a ticket to the quarterfinals by directly hitting the head. In the final match against Chile, Gimenez also played excellently, contributing to a 1-0 victory to bring Uruguay to the top of Group C.

Central defender Davinson Sanchez (Colombia, right).

Colombia is the only team to win the group stage and Sanchez contributes a considerable amount of effort. In the first two matches, Sanchez and his teammates completely disabled Argentine attack, and Qatar only had one shot on goal. What is showing once again confirms, Sanchez's past season's excellent performance in Tottenham shirt is not accidental.

Left defender Filipe Luis (Brazil, right).

With Filipe Luis, Brazil no longer has to worry about Marcelo's absence. The 33-year-old star helps the home side's left wing become more stable. His effective combination with Everton winger has great benefits for attack.

Central midfielder Wilmar Barrios (Colombia, right).

Barrios is truly a silent hero of Colombia. After contributing to neutralizing Lionel Messi in the first match, the Zenit club midfielder continued to lock the line between Qatar.

Central midfielder Charles Aranguiz (Chile, left).

Aranguiz's ability to trim the ball is a problem for any of Chile's competitors. In the group stage, he has no less than three successful transfer lines. After two victories in 2015 and 2016, Aranguiz is helping Chile towards the third consecutive title.

Attack midfielder Philippe Coutinho (Brazil).

After Neymar withdrew due to injury, experts questioned the possibility of Coutinho having enough bravery to fill the gap. The answer is yes. In three group matches, with two goals and one assisting line, Coutinho helped Brazil win seven points with the leading position.

Midfielder attacking James Rodriguez (Colombia).

While information about being sold off by Real is becoming clearer, James is showing that any club that buys him won't be worried about it. In the group stage, James had two accurate passes for Roger Martinez and Duvan Zapata to score the correct goal. He also showed his class through the control and handling phases of South American technical characteristics.

Striker Luis Suarez (Uruguay).

After battling injury to keep up in Copa America, Suarez is proving the value of patience with Uruguay. Cavani striker can score more goals (3-2), but Suarez is the soul of attack with clever moves. Thanks to the excellent performance of the 32-year-old striker, Uruguay won first place in Group C and only had to meet Peru in the quarterfinals.

Striker Alexis Sanchez (Chile).

From a forgotten player at Man Utd, Sanchez is reaffirming the usefulness of the Chilean shirt. The goals in the first two games, winning against Ecuador and Japan, all showed Sanchez never lost his instinct to score. He also played well in the game against Uruguay and only succumbed to Cavani's dangerous header.

Photo: Reuters, Ole, DS
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Barca created the biggest gap in history compared to Real in La Liga

If he wins Eibar in the final round, Barca will at least miss 18 points against the big rival.

Barca are 18 points more than Real - the third place with 68 points after 37 matches. If you win on Eibar this weekend, Barca will end the season with an unprecedented difference: from 18 to 21 points. Historically, Barca had more than 17 points compared to Real in the 1984-1985 and 2017-2018 seasons.

68 points in 37 games are currently the worst achievement of Real from the 2001-2002 season, when they reached 66 points. The difference is that 17 years ago, the Bernabeu home team has the right to raise their heads to the Champions League championship.

If he wins the last round Betis, Real will finish the tournament with 71 points. This achievement is slightly higher than the 70 of the two crisis seasons 2003-2004 and 2005-2006.

Real spent six seasons ending La Liga with 90 points or more (93 points for the 2016-2017 season, 90 seasons 2015-2016, 92 seasons 2014-2015, 100 seasons 2011-2012, 92 seasons 2010-2011 and 96 seasons 2009 -2010). They also scored more than 100 goals per season, far more than 63 goals after 37 rounds today.

With what is happening, Real will be determined to reform. Zinedine Zidane coach soon bought midfielder Eder Militao from FC Porto, and is about to have Eden Hazard's service. Paul Pogba, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar are also in the sights of Real.
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Real spent 54 million USD to buy the French left-back

Ferland Mendy is the latest deal in a shopping campaign to replace the blood of former Champions League winners.

"Real Madrid and Olympique Lyon have just reached the transfer agreement of Ferland Mendy," the Madrid team announced on the home page. "The player will be with the club for the next six seasons, until June 30, 2025. The club will celebrate Mendy at the Bernabeu on Wednesday 13 June."

Lyon also issued a confirmation confirming the transfer of 24-year-old French left-back to Real. Mendy transfer fee is 54 million USD (equivalent to 48 million euros or 42.7 million pounds). But this is only the original number, and Lyon can receive up to 5.65 million USD (five million euros), depending on Mendy's contribution in the new shirt.

Mendy is the third most expensive rookie that Real Madrid recruited in nine days, after the medal worth $ 79 million Luka Jovic, and a $ 112 million public defender Eden Hazard. Earlier, Real also bought a $ 56 million midfielder Eder Militao from Porto in March. From the beginning of July, they will welcome Rodrigo, a 17-year-old $ 52 million striker, bought from Santos in June 2018.

Mendy comes from Le Havre - the famous young football academy that trained Benjamin Mendy, Paul Pogba, Ryad Mahrez, Dimitri Payet ... This left-back started to emerge since joining Lyon in the summer of 2017. kicking 79 matches for the club in the last two seasons, scoring three goals, and helping Lyon finish third in Ligue 1 last season. Also in the 2018-2019 season, Mendy impressed with Real when he kicked all of Lyon's matches on the road to 1/8 of the Champions League.

Ferland also made three appearances for France, launching since 11/2018 when he was replaced by Benjamin Mendy in a friendly against Uruguay.

Real strongly replaced the blood this summer after the season of 2018-2019, they were empty-handed in all competitions and twice replaced, leading to Zidane's return to power. Their shopping campaign will continue, with the next goal expected to be Paul Pogba, the central midfielder priced at no less than $ 150 million.
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Real must add Casemiro if buying Neymar

PSG wants to have more Brazilian defensive midfielder in case of selling Neymar to Real.

According to Marca, Casemiro may be an important factor in negotiations between PSG and Real Madrid. Real is considering Neymar's case because the striker has a big transfer price. PSG is said to be willing to cut prices if the partner who brought midfielder Casemiro to part of the contract they valued $ 246 million.

PSG has yet to find a satisfactory replacement in the defensive midfield after Thiago Motta retired. Coach Thomas Tuchel believes that Casemiro is the right choice. Real claims Casemiro is not for sale, but the player no longer plays an important role since Zinedine Zidane returned. The influence of the Brazilian midfielder also eased if Real succeeded in buying Paul Pogba from Man Utd.

The owner of the Bernabeu has spent $ 112 million to sign Eden Hazard from Chelsea. They will also have to give up the same number, or more, if they want Man Utd to sell Pogba. To complete the goal of restoring the team with many stars, including Neymar, Real will have to push away players who are not too important in the current squad.

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Man City boss: 'La Liga is bothered by the success of the Premier League'

Khaldoon Al Mubarak believes that financial criticism for the home team is unfair.

"When you succeed, surely jealousy and jealousy will appear. It's part of football. The race we attend is not easy, we know it. But the reality is we not buying the most expensive player in the Premier League (Paul Pogba), we don't buy the most expensive goalkeeper (Kepa Arrizabalaga), we don't buy the most expensive midfielder, don't buy the most expensive striker (Romelu Lukaku) "People make decisions and have to accept it. This is a well-run club," said Man City President Khaldoon Al Mubarak.

After the information about Man City being investigated by UEFA violating the law of financial justice, the Etihad team must receive criticism. One of them is the comment of President La Liga Javier Tebas, who said that Man City and PSG ruined football when backed by the Middle Eastern states. Al Mubarak opposed this idea, he said: "I think it would be extremely misleading to bring the national element into the debate. The way he attributed national-based teams was ugly. I find it very disappointing. "

City boss said Tebas was lacking considering that his team distorted the transfer market, reiterating that Real Madrid used to spend a lot of money to recruit superstars like Ronaldo, Luis Figo, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane in the Galactico era.

"He said we sabotaged the transfer market. But that statement is hypocritical and ironic. The leaps in Figo's, Zidane's transfers? Have they forgotten them? There was no time to remind Tebas about La Liga's history, how the league was dominated by two clubs and how market distortion took place Man City had no players in the top 10 transfer deals " , Al Mubarak said.

"I don't think this is an attack on Man City but for the Premier League. I hope people start seeing that. I know people don't want to defend City but protect the tournament. There are four Premier League teams in the two European Cup finals, we have the best tournament in the world, with the highest commercial value and the most successful in terms of worldwide promotion. many people bothered, "he continued.
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France eliminates Brazil in the 1/8 World Women's Cup

The home side went to the quarterfinals thanks to a 2-1 victory over Brazil, on 23rd June.

Goal: Gauvin 52 ', Henry 106' - Moreno 63 '

The match between France and Brazil continues to witness the strong influence of VAR. The home side were denied the early goal by Valerie Gauvin by VAR, but it was the player who opened the scoring at the beginning of the second half, after a great effort from Kadidiatou Diani.

Brazil forced France to step into extra time with a goal of equalizing after that. Moreno's strike was caught offside but the referee admitted after consulting the VAR team.

French captain Amandine Henry scored a 2-1 victory in extra time. Henry cut the ball into Amel Majri's free-kick, putting France in the quarter-finals this year. France will meet the 2015 World Cup or Spain champions in Paris on June 28.

Brazil played with great effort, to force one of the heavyweight championship candidates to enter extra time. However, Marta and his teammates could not continue to surprise after reaching the eighth round thanks to the third-place performance of the group.

"I am proud of the team's performance with great effort," Marta said. "This is the feeling I keep forever with me. These games help women's football grow." The former Brazilian striker has six times won the Best Female Player of the World award and holds a record of 17 goals in the World Cup

France went on but the performance did not make homeowners feel secure. At the end of the group stage, France did not get a finish on the Nigerian goal in the first 65 minutes. Before Brazil, the first half, France had only one dangerous situation, which was not recognized by Gauvin.
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Argentina set a record when entering the quarterfinals of Copa America

The "tango dancers" have never been eliminated in the group stage since the change of form in 1993.

Previously, Copa America did not have a knockout round. After the end of the group stage, the two most and second teams of each group continue to play the round. The team with the highest score among the four teams will be champions.

Since 1993 in Ecuador, it has been changed to a direct match format after the group stage. The top six teams in the top three and the third best teams will enter the quarterfinals. This is also the closest tournament Argentina won.

Since then 11 prizes have taken place. Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru all made 10 visits to the quarterfinals. However, only Argentina achieved a record of success in the group stage, after failing to attend the 2001 tournament held in Colombia. Meanwhile, Colombia did not pass the group stage in 2007, Brazil suffered similar salt defeat at the 100th anniversary of Copa, held in the US in 2016 and Peru was eliminated in the group stage in 1995.

In the last nine quarter-finals, Argentina went five times and was eliminated four times. This year, they will meet the team ranked second in Group A - Venezuela, taking place on June 29 (Hanoi time).
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Italian newspaper calls Sarri 'Ronaldo's assistant'

The new coach Juventus met the Portuguese superstar, shortly after being appointed, was harassed by Italian media.

Libero (Italy) newspaper called Maurizio Sarri as "Cristiano Ronaldo 's assistant" when referring to the relationship between new coach Juventus and the Portuguese superstar. According to the report, the Golden Ball owner will make the most important decisions at the club, instead of the coach.

Calciomercato also has a similar view when emphasizing the details, Sarri rushed to France to meet Ronaldo, despite her summer vacation. "He tried to meet Ronaldo soon after being appointed. It was like a statement, who was the leader at Juventus," Calciomercato commented.

Ronaldo joined Juventus in the summer of 2018, when he was 33, and was the most expensive player in the club's history. Besides the highest salary of the team, the former Real Madrid player also enjoyed many privileges. Because of Ronaldo, the Turin side last season did not even use the brightest talent, Paulo Dybala, who helped Juventus win 3-0 in the Champions League quarter-finals in the 2016-2017 season.

However, Ronaldo's first season at Juventus was not as expected. Turin's team stopped in the Champions League quarter-finals - the arena is arguably their number one priority. The Portuguese superstar himself only scored 28 goals in every arena, the lowest number in 10 years. Coach Max Allegri is said to not know how to use superstar born in 1985, and according to Italian media, that is why he had to leave Juventus at the end of the season 2018-2019. "Ronaldo has just arrived at Juventus but immediately became the most important player in the team," Fox Sports emphasized on Ronaldo 's influence.
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Former Malaysian coach wants to limit foreign troops in the national championships

Mr. Sathianathan said that young Malaysian talents were restrained by the wave of foreign players in domestic tournaments.

"The national team has no quality, because the Malaysian player is limited to playing time by the foreign players. To develop, the teams in the league must recruit high-quality foreign soldiers to accompany domestic players. ", Mr. Sathianathan said in Star Online.

The current two top leagues in Malaysia, including Super League (first class) and Premier League (second place), allow each team to have five foreign soldiers, of which two must come from Asia and Southeast Asia. However, Sathianathan said that this norm is still irrational. The Malaysian coach for the 2007-2009 period suggested: "The Premier League teams should only have three foreign soldiers, while the third division - M3 League - must be a playground for domestic players."

Malaysian football has launched many projects to improve the level of the team, but they still stomp in Southeast Asia. While Thailand and Vietnam started to make breakthroughs on the continent. Malaysia does not want to lag.

Sathianathan proposed a plan to bring the domestic player abroad to learn. He stressed: "Domestic players like Safawi should find their way abroad to improve their qualifications. The two largest football platforms in Asia, Japan and South Korea, always try to bring players to major tournaments."

In sharing with Star Online, the leader is leading Selangor Club, saying that the ease with which the foreign and short-term psychological selection will soon reach the achievements of the coaches have adversely affected the Malaysian Championship.

The Malaysian Championship once banned foreign troops during the 2009-2011 period. This is the time when the teams were successful with the 2009 SEA Games gold medal and the 2010 AFF Cup championship under the guidance of coach Rajagobal.
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Van Gaal: 'Barca failed because the coach was too late to follow Messi'

Former Dutch coach considers the use of Messi now a big problem for Barca.

"Guardiola makes Messi play for the benefit of the team, but some recent coaches are too much to follow Messi instead of protecting teamwork. Teamwork is the most important thing. Messi must adapt to the war plan before. Guardiola's technique, not like the current situation, "Louis Van Gaal, coach who helped Barca win two La Liga, analyzed.

Last season, Barca had to stop in the Champions League semi-finals when Liverpool beat 4-0 in the second leg (4-3 final). This is the fifth consecutive season the Nou Camp team has not won the European championship.

"I think Messi should wonder how he can play for so long without winning the Champions League. Look at Barca. How many Champions League games have they won with the one they all say is the best player in the world? He's the best personal player in the world, because his stats are great, but why doesn't he win the Champions League in five years? As the captain, you have to wonder why the team I think Messi is also responsible for what is happening in Barca, not only the coach, "Van Gaal said.

The former coach also advised Barca to change soon: "I believe there is nothing more important than team play. Barca has a team of 30 players, and I believe Messi should adapt to the team, not any other way ".
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Wild Pig Team running a marathon celebrating one year of a jam in the cave

Nine of the 12 members of the team who were stuck in Tham Luang cave in July 2018 participated in the June 23 event.

According to Sky News, nine young players with the Wild Pig coach attended the marathon to raise money, improve the facilities where they were rescued last year. They wore orange uniforms, and competed with about 4,000 other athletes.

British diver, Vernon Unsworth, who rescued the Thai youth team a year ago, also attended the event at the Mae Sai town, Chiang Rai province, where the cave had isolated the team from the outside world. for nine days.

"There are not many children at that age, can survive as these kids did. We need to respect them for that. What everyone does today is to help them continue their lives. Let them Children grow up like normal babies, "Unsworth said.

After the marathon, 12 young players and their coaches will attend a Buddhist merit ceremony at Tham Luang on Monday morning.

12 players from 11 to 16 years of the Wild Pig team and their coach were trapped in Tham Luang cave on June 23, 2018, when trying to make a local rite: writing their names on the cave. Due to sudden heavy rain caused flash flooding into the cave, 13 members were trapped inside, and could not go out for nine days.

Thanks to drinking small water from the stalactites in the cave and maintaining the collective spirit, 13 members of the Thai team survived. However, Lt. Saman Gunan of the Thai Navy forces died in the rescue. The statue of this officer was built at the place where he fell.

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Benitez coach broke up with Newcastle

The Spanish coach left after failing to reach an agreement to extend the contract.

"It is disappointing to announce that Rafael Benitez will leave Newcastle United at the end of his contract on June 30. We have tried to renew, but failed. Rafa's assistants, including Paco de Miguel Moreno, Antonio Gómez Pérez and Mikel Antia will also leave the club on the same day. We would like to thank Rafa and his assistants for their great efforts and contributions over the past three years. and the staff because of patience during the last unrest, the appointment of a new coach will begin, "Newcastle announced on June 24.

Benitez started to lead Newcastle from the end of the 2015-2016 season, when the club had to fight for a relegation ticket. Despite the failure of this mission, the Spanish coach remained and achieved success. He brought Newcastle back to the English Premier League after only one season, before confirming his place in the next two seasons.

The process of renewing negotiations between the two sides took place for many months. However, according to Goal (Italy), Benitez disagrees with President Mike Ashley on some new terms.

The brightest candidate to replace Benitez is Garry Monk, the new manager to leave Birmingham earlier this month. Burnley's coach, Sean Dyche, and former player, former Newcastle manager Chris Hughton are also potential names.

As for Benitez, finding a new club is relatively simple. He was a candidate to replace Sarri at Chelsea, and could return to Spain, Italy to work, or to China to lead Dalian Yifang.

Before Benitez left, the British media reported that the group was from the Middle East, Bin Zayed Group wanted to acquire Newcastle. If successful, this group can bring Jose Mourinho or Arsene Wenger to become coach.
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The England international can break Van Dijk's record

Man City is about to recruit Harry Maguire at a record price for a central defender.

According to the Mirror page, Maguire will reject Man Utd to move to Manchester City with a world record price of $ 104 million. The 26-year-old will surpass Virgin van Dijk - who was recruited by Southampton from Southampton for $ 100 million - as the world's most expensive central defender. Medical agreements and tests are scheduled for completion this week.

Maguire recently signed a five-year contract with Leicester in September 2018, however, the player was difficult to reject the offer from City. The Premier League champion is said to be giving away Maguire with a weekly salary of $ 364 thousand.

The England international is very ambitious, aspiring to conquer major titles, especially the Champions League. In the past two seasons, Maguire has been Leicester's mainstay with 76 appearances, including 69 matches in the Premier League. This 1m94 high center is not a good fighter. The ability to block and connect with his teammates is also appreciated.

Maguire is one of Solskjaer's top goals in the summer of 2019. Meanwhile, coach Guardiola sees Maguire as an ideal replacement for Vincent Kompany, who left Man City after the last season. In parallel with the pursuit of Leicester midfielder, the Premier League champions are also actively implementing the blockbuster deal, from midfielder Rodri from Atletico for $ 80 million.
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Capello: 'De Ligt to Juventus will finish the Serie A race soon'

Former Italian coach said that the purchase of midfielder De Ligt will make Juventus become too strong compared to rivals.

According to Italian press, Juventus has reached a transfer agreement De Ligt. The Italian team will pay about $ 80 million for Ajax and for the 19-year-old midfielder to earn $ 13.6 million per season. Before that, De Ligt refused to join Barca because he only received a salary of 12 million.

As captain, De Ligt led Ajax into the Champions League semi-final last season and recruited the Netherlands into the Nations League final. He has a special talent to score goals, which is evidenced by a fixture of a 2-1 victory over Juventus in the Champions League quarter-finals.

Last season, with the participation of Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus won the Serie A eighth consecutive. They were 11 points better than Napoli's second place, 21 points against Atalanta's third team and fourth Inter Milan.

Capello further commented on the Serie A race next season: "When talking about the other candidates I talk about Napoli and Inter. The Milan, Roma and Lazio teams will not have the strength or financial potential to join the competition. I have read the news that midfielder Manolas has moved from Roma to Napoli, and he and the center-back are available Kalidou Koulibaly, with some other quality enhancements, Napoli will be a very strong candidate. "
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Eto'o supported Salah to join Barca

Cameroonian legend thinks Salah should go to the Nou Camp to become the best player in the world.

"Barca is a better place for Salah," Eto'o told BBC Sport. "Real gave me the opportunity to leave Africa, but I understand Barca's play, and believe that this is the right place."

Salah refused to answer the possibility of a future commitment to Liverpool after scoring in the Champions League final. Real is supposed to have Salah to replace the attacking blood. However, Eto'o advised the juniors to go to Barca after experiencing both teams.

"If Salah can play in the best league in the world, La Liga, then sign with Barca. He is qualified to become the best player in the world", the Cameroonian player emphasized.

Eto'o joined Real's youth team in 1996 and went on to the first team in 1997. However, the striker was only seven times available for the Madrid side. Eto'o was lent to Espanyol, Leganes and Mallorca. After lighting up in Mallorca, Eto'o was taken back by Barca and immediately became one of the world's top strikers.

Salah scored 71 goals and 21 assists in two seasons for Liverpool. The player joined Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino to become Europe's most feared trident.
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Cavani helped Uruguay grab the top of the table from Chile

PSG striker scored the only goal to help Uruguay win 1-0 in the final round of the 2019 Copa America group on June 24, and avoid Colombia in the quarterfinals.

Goal: Cavani 82 '.

With the reward is the ability to avoid nasty opponents Colombia in the quarterfinals if the top of Group C, Chile and Uruguay are both cautious. Both of them did not want to lose early, and arranged a large number of troops in the middle zone. During 90 minutes, very few sharp coordination took place. This is evident when each team has only three correct finishes.

In a balanced game, the more alert team won. On the evening of June 24, it was Uruguay. Despite the turmoil in the starting lineup, Oscar Tabarez's team kept the identity that made their success in the past: sure at home, and know every opportunity even the smallest. . Edinson Cavani's strike in the 82nd minute was a rare time when the attacking green shirt players found each other, and they immediately punished their opponents while dreaming of the top of the table with a draw.

Cavani's goal is a happy ending for the PSG striker. The 32-year-old striker sacrificed a lot for Uruguay's play when continuously dropping deep, actively disputing the ball in the home field. With two successful ball-switches, twice the danger and once blocked the successful shot of Chile, Cavani played like a remote defensive midfielder of Uruguay. It was not until the end of the game that he rose, moving the ball on the left wing from the substitute Jonathan Rodríguez, then headed in the near corner, helping Uruguay win at least 1-0.

The situation leading to Cavani's goal lies in Tabarez's attempt. He instructed his students to give up the game to Chile, deepen the formation and try to counterattack as quickly as possible, whenever there was a ball. This way of playing Uruguay is not new, but before a Chile changed the scheme to 3-1-4-2, with many gaps on both sides, the champion Copa America 2011 continuously makes the opponent difficult when Cavani and Suarez play wide, sometimes like two wing strikers.

In a total of 350 passes, Uruguay passes 17%, far more than the 14% of Chile. The face-to-face kick helps Uruguay to have 138 passes to a third of the pitch, more than the opponent's 126 times, despite only holding the ball 42% modestly. In addition to Cavani's goal, Uruguay still had a clear chance in the 22nd minute. Suarez broke the offside trap, the ice went down to face the goalkeeper Arias, but was a little hesitant to finish and missed the opportunity from a tight angle.

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Chile: Arias, Jara (Castillo 90 '), Maripan, Medel (Lichnovsky 55'), Pulgar, Hernandez, Aranguiz, Opazo, Diaz, Vargas (Fernandes 77 '), Sanchez.

Uruguay: Muslera, Godin, Gimenez, Caceres, Gonzalez, Bentancur, Valverde (Coates 90 '+ 1), Suarez, Cavani, Lodeiro (Nandez 46'), Arrascaeta (Rodriguez 76 ').
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Japan stops at Copa America

A 1-1 draw with Ecuador in the last leg of Group C was not enough for Hajime Moriyasu and his teachers to enter the quarterfinals.

* Goal: Nakajima 15 '- Mena 35'.

Any team that wins in this match will go on as one of the two best-performing third teams. In contrast, the draw result makes them disqualified. Along with two points, Japan stood on Ecuador in Group C thanks to a better goal difference (-4 vs. -5), but the Asian team still lost to this index compared to the third team Group B Paraguay ( -first).

Because the nature of the ticket decided to continue, the match started with caution from the two teams. Ecuador demonstrates the superiority of the ball with strong downside shots but Japan is more calm in the middle of the field and holds the ball better. The first chance came to striker Enner Valencia, but he turned the ball into the corner of the box before he hit the bar.

Japan opened the scoring after a shot by Shoya Nakajima for Shinji Okazaki to break the offside trap. Goalkeeper Alexander Dominguez curled the ball into Okazaki's foot but the ball bounced to Nakajima's foot and the midfielder's kick was overtaken by Ecuadorian defenders. The goal shows Nakajima's amazing tactical vision - a player who has performed well at Copa America this year.

However, Japan cannot control the game after having a lead. Their defense struggled with the downward speed of Ecuador on the right. In such a situation, Angel Mena's cross shot gave Valencia a good chance but his close-range shot was too light to defeat goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima.

However, 10 minutes before the end of the first half, Ecuador equalized thanks to Mena in a situation where Kawashima brilliantly blocked a volley from Robert Arboleda midfielder but was powerless. The two teams entered the break with a draw.

Ecuador joined in better at the start of the second half but Japan almost regained the lead when Naomichi Ueda's header hit Dominguez's position. As for Ecuador, the most dangerous situation they created was a long-range shot from right-back Pedro Velasco. Japanese players competed in a row and intervened in time with Ecuador's speed attacks, but the Asian team did not have enough to score another goal.
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