Argentina set a record when entering the quarterfinals of Copa America

The "tango dancers" have never been eliminated in the group stage since the change of form in 1993.

Previously, Copa America did not have a knockout round. After the end of the group stage, the two most and second teams of each group continue to play the round. The team with the highest score among the four teams will be champions.

Since 1993 in Ecuador, it has been changed to a direct match format after the group stage. The top six teams in the top three and the third best teams will enter the quarterfinals. This is also the closest tournament Argentina won.

Since then 11 prizes have taken place. Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru all made 10 visits to the quarterfinals. However, only Argentina achieved a record of success in the group stage, after failing to attend the 2001 tournament held in Colombia. Meanwhile, Colombia did not pass the group stage in 2007, Brazil suffered similar salt defeat at the 100th anniversary of Copa, held in the US in 2016 and Peru was eliminated in the group stage in 1995.

In the last nine quarter-finals, Argentina went five times and was eliminated four times. This year, they will meet the team ranked second in Group A - Venezuela, taking place on June 29 (Hanoi time).