Former Malaysian coach wants to limit foreign troops in the national championships

Mr. Sathianathan said that young Malaysian talents were restrained by the wave of foreign players in domestic tournaments.

"The national team has no quality, because the Malaysian player is limited to playing time by the foreign players. To develop, the teams in the league must recruit high-quality foreign soldiers to accompany domestic players. ", Mr. Sathianathan said in Star Online.

The current two top leagues in Malaysia, including Super League (first class) and Premier League (second place), allow each team to have five foreign soldiers, of which two must come from Asia and Southeast Asia. However, Sathianathan said that this norm is still irrational. The Malaysian coach for the 2007-2009 period suggested: "The Premier League teams should only have three foreign soldiers, while the third division - M3 League - must be a playground for domestic players."

Malaysian football has launched many projects to improve the level of the team, but they still stomp in Southeast Asia. While Thailand and Vietnam started to make breakthroughs on the continent. Malaysia does not want to lag.

Sathianathan proposed a plan to bring the domestic player abroad to learn. He stressed: "Domestic players like Safawi should find their way abroad to improve their qualifications. The two largest football platforms in Asia, Japan and South Korea, always try to bring players to major tournaments."

In sharing with Star Online, the leader is leading Selangor Club, saying that the ease with which the foreign and short-term psychological selection will soon reach the achievements of the coaches have adversely affected the Malaysian Championship.

The Malaysian Championship once banned foreign troops during the 2009-2011 period. This is the time when the teams were successful with the 2009 SEA Games gold medal and the 2010 AFF Cup championship under the guidance of coach Rajagobal.