Van Gaal: 'Barca failed because the coach was too late to follow Messi'

Former Dutch coach considers the use of Messi now a big problem for Barca.

"Guardiola makes Messi play for the benefit of the team, but some recent coaches are too much to follow Messi instead of protecting teamwork. Teamwork is the most important thing. Messi must adapt to the war plan before. Guardiola's technique, not like the current situation, "Louis Van Gaal, coach who helped Barca win two La Liga, analyzed.

Last season, Barca had to stop in the Champions League semi-finals when Liverpool beat 4-0 in the second leg (4-3 final). This is the fifth consecutive season the Nou Camp team has not won the European championship.

"I think Messi should wonder how he can play for so long without winning the Champions League. Look at Barca. How many Champions League games have they won with the one they all say is the best player in the world? He's the best personal player in the world, because his stats are great, but why doesn't he win the Champions League in five years? As the captain, you have to wonder why the team I think Messi is also responsible for what is happening in Barca, not only the coach, "Van Gaal said.

The former coach also advised Barca to change soon: "I believe there is nothing more important than team play. Barca has a team of 30 players, and I believe Messi should adapt to the team, not any other way ".