Google was sued for copying the lyrics

Music website Genius said that Google copied the lyrics on its site and demanded compensation of $ 50 million.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Genius Media Group has filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn (USA), accusing Google of unfair competition affecting the business situation. This company asked Google and LyricFind (a Canadian company specializing in providing lyrics services) to pay $ 50 million (VND 1,158 billion).

Genius said that about 5 months ago, the traffic to their website decreased significantly since Google published the content of the lyrics directly on the search screen. Genius does not hold the copyright for the finished song, the label said that Google's action is a violation of terms of service.

Google responded on the blog: "We do not crawl or scan web pages for lyrics. The content you see in the search box information boxes comes from lyrics providers and they are updated automatically ".

Google says it has the rights to upload lyrics from its partner LyricFind. LyricFind also confirmed that they have the license to publish lyrics from music publishers.

Genius said they encoded the spaces of the lyrics in Morse code, which cannot be seen with the naked eye but can detect computer copying. Earlier, LyricFind said it did not copy directly from the Genius website but could "accidentally get Genius lyrics from another address".

Genius statistics show that 116 out of 301 lyrics of the song appeared on Google's search page between October and December 2018. Earlier, some companies like Yelp and TripAdvisor also accused Google of using its content without permission. In March 2019, Google was fined $ 1.7 billion by the European Union for unfair competition.

Khuong Nha (according to the Wall Street Journal)