Mark Zuckerberg and his wife still date every week

Facebook CEO and wife Priscilla Chan tries to balance work with looking after and raising children, giving each other a date each week.

Recently, Zuckerberg and Chan invited CBS News reporters to their home. This is the first time the couple has allowed outsiders to record the lives of their families.

"Priscilla, how do you handle all the household chores while Mark spends a lot of time on Facebook?" Asked Gayle King, CBS News host This Morning of CBS News.

"I think it's a difficult thing to say. You may be experiencing difficult feelings and not sure what will happen next. For example, many times waking up in the middle of the night but not seeing him," Priscilla said. will. "However, I always feel like I'm lucky. He is the cornerstone of the family. I and the kids just need to know that we are okay every day."

Talking about parenting, Zuckerberg said "does not provide everything for children" despite the strength to do this. "Material is important, but they are also responsible for their lives. My wife and I guide our children to do some household chores, and sometimes take them to work to see how dad is doing. their mother works, "Zuckerberg said.

Referring to the work, both Zuckerberg and Chan admitted to "bringing them home", mostly related to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative - a charitable foundation run by the couple whose main activity is to fund advances in the department. study, health and other fields. However, whenever mentioned, Chan said both extremely careful and always thinking: "Is it time to talk about it or not".

Besides, the husband and wife of Facebook revealed that they always spend one night of a day in the week for dating to "warm up" affection. "Dating is Mark's idea. We also completely didn't mention work at this time," Chan said.

Chan recalled the first date. The two first met in the toilet at a Harvard University student party in 2003. "I was like an A-lister getting attention. At the end of the meeting, he said, 'You have a work in progress. But I prefer to hang out with you ", Chan said.

Speaking of Facebook, Chan initially thought it was just another "project" of Zuckerberg and did not think it would change his life later.

The Facebook boss acknowledges that his wife is the inspiration and one of the major factors affecting the success of social networking. In response, Chan also said that Zuckerberg turned her into a better version of himself.

In addition, Facebook CEO said he has been trying to learn Chinese since Chan became acquainted. "There are times when I speak Chinese better than my wife," Zuckerberg laughed.

Finally, King asked what surprised Zuckerberg, Chan replied, "He is an easy-going person."

Bao Lam (according to CBS News)