Motorola will be a high-end smartphone again

The American brand will launch high-end smartphones using Qualcomm's high-performance chips in 2020, instead of just using mid-range chips like the past two years.

The Moto Z3 launched in 2018 is the last high-end smartphone that Motorola uses Qualcomm's high-performance chip, Snapdragon 835. From then until the end of 2019, smartphones were only using mid-range chips, such as the Snapdragon 600, 700 series. folding phone model priced at $ 1,500, Razr, just launched, it is only equipped with Snapdragon 710 chip instead of Snapdragon 855, 855+ like high-end Android phones from Samsung, OnePlus ...

This will be changing from 2020. At Qualcomm's Tech Summit in the US, Motorola announced it will return to high-performance smartphone segment. The specific product has not been disclosed but it is expected to appear early in 2020, using Qualcomm's new and most powerful Snapdragon 865 chip as well as supporting the 5G connection platform.

Some international technology sites claim that Motorola's new smartphone may be the next model in the ultra-thin Moto Z line or a product called Droid like Razr.

Motorola is a smartphone brand owned by Chinese electronics company Lenovo. However, Moto products are independently designed and primarily marketed in the Americas. In Vietnam, Motorola and Lenovo's smartphones have not been on the shelves for a long time.

Tuấn Anh (according to Android Police)