Nguyen Tu Quang reveals the photography capabilities of Bphone 4

Bkav's CEO said that Bphone 4, expected to be launched in early 2020, will capture moments that are difficult for the naked eye to see.

Sharing on Facebook, Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang believes that Bphone will be the first phone that can capture moments "even mechanical machines are difficult to do". Some users predict that Bphone 4 will be equipped with super-speed photography, such as recording water jets from an exploding balloon, or taking macro close-ups without the need for a dedicated lens.

To record the hard-to-observe moments, Bphone 4 will apply computer photography, the term indicating the ability to intelligently process the data that the camera obtains, instead of trying to equip sensors, lenses ... for each purpose such as macro photography, portrait removal font ...

Due to physical limitations and aesthetics, the phone cannot integrate too many lenses or use interchangeable lenses. Therefore, the application of AI, intelligent data processing to produce the best photos by software is the target of smartphone manufacturers in the world.

Bphone 4 is expected to have many versions with different prices when appearing early next year. Bkav is currently distributing Bphone 3 and Bphone 3 Pro with the price of VND 6.99 million and VND 9.99 million, however, the company does not publish sales of Bphone generations.

Châu An