What to note when buying heating fans

In addition to the design, price, when buying fans and heating lamps, users should pay attention to the technology and safety features of the product.

Compared to air conditioners, heating devices are often cheaper, warm faster, do not require installation and are easy to move. However, the restriction of the fan, the heating lamp is that it can only heat a certain area, cannot be used for long periods, and the risk of fire is high. Especially families with young children or the elderly have to choose carefully, avoiding unfortunate risks.

Common technologies in heating fans are Halogen lamps, Carbon lamps, Mayso wires, steam heating, ceramic heaters and oil heaters. However, Mayso wire fan and steam heater have many disadvantages, not selected much.

Halogen heaters and fans are the most popular. Their advantages are fast heating, easy to use, cheap price, many designs. The downside is the small warm area, the light is easy to cause glare, not suitable at night. The device does not have a humidifier function so it often causes dry skin, should only be used for a short time and is not suitable for families with young children.

Ceramic heating is safer, the design is also eye-catching and luxurious. The plus point of ceramic heating compared to Halogen lamps is the ability to warm quickly on a large area, a wide range of heat adjustment from 10 to 49 degrees C. Ceramic heater also has a timer to turn off, does not cause glare and dry skin . However, these devices are often quite expensive, the front protecting the fan is often very hot, which can cause burns if children touch.

Oil heater fans are safer because of the use of heating rods, which use electricity to burn the oil inside so that the heat is released to heat the air. This technology does not burn oxygen, moisturize the skin. Convection fans are easy to warm over a wide range, automatically shutting off electricity when overloaded or overfilled. The device also comes with a drying rack, which helps to dry clothes on rainy days. The biggest disadvantage of oil heater fan is bulky design, large weight, high price, slow warming time.

5 safety precautions when using a heater

Depending on the purpose, users can choose different types of heaters, priced from several hundred thousand to around five million. However, families with young children should pay attention to safety features such as automatic power off when overloaded, with a protective frame in addition to the radiator bars.

Do not use the heater for a long time. Preheating device should be turned on for about 10 minutes so that the air is evenly heated. Occasionally, open the door so that air can circulate, avoiding oxygen shortage after long periods of turning on the heater.

Some low-cost fans and heaters can cause a burning smell caused by burning plastic and oxygen, causing discomfort and toxicity. When buying, users should carefully choose the material and heating technology.

Regardless of any heating device, when using, you need to keep a distance of 1 to 2 meters, avoid close contact, especially children and the elderly.

After a period of use, should clean the device or check the functions, limiting the risk of fire, short circuit.

Khuong Nha